What happens when something goes wrong?

All appliances sold by ImportAppliances come with a 60 days local New Zealand Warranty and a 2-year manufacturers’ warranty on parts!

Your warranty on kitchen appliances in New Zealand

The 60 days New Zealand Warranty means:

  • If anything happens with your appliance within the first 60 days your appliance will be either replaced or fixed free of charge in New Zealand.
  • The warranty normally starts on the day the appliances get delivered to you. If your appliances won't be installed immediately please mail us the estimated installation date before your appliances get shipped and we'll offer you our 60 days New Zealand Warranty after installation. The invoice of your electrician or cabinet maker can be used as proof of the installation date.

The 2 years Manufacturers’ Warranty means:

  • In addition to the 60 days New Zealand warranty, all appliances come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty on parts. So if anything goes wrong after those 60 days and within 2 years of purchase you can send us the parts and we'll get them replaced by the manufacturer under warranty.
  • You will be responsible for shipping the broken part to Europe, however, ImportAppliances will cover the cost of shipping it back once it has been repaired or replaced.

Please note that, warranty is limited to technical faults and will not cover damage due to wrong installation, misuse, accidental damage, etc. Warranty is usually also limited to personal use only. If you have any further questions or would like to request a repair, please send an e-mail or give us a call.